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Purdue Pharma L.P. is the manufacturer of OxyContin and other opioid medications*.  Due to the massive opioid litigation facing the company, Purdue filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on September 15, 2019.  In an attempt to settle the bankruptcy proceedings, Purdue has offered a settlement that may provide a cash recovery.

If you or a family member(adult or minor) have been prescribed Purdue Pharma opioids by a health care professional before September 15, 2019 you may be entitled to a settlement for any economic and/or bodily injuries or death as part of Purdue Pharma's bankruptcy agreement. As you may have seen on TV news, Purdue allegedly were partly to blame for the U.S. Opioid Epidemic.

Call/Email us if you or your family members' damages include:

-Expenses for Treatment
-Overdose, Suboxone use, Rehab, and Hospitalization 
-Addiction/Dependence/Substance Use Disorder
-Lost Wages/Earning Capacity/Jailed
-Loss of Consortium, Loss of Family
-Birth Injuries including developmental and learning disabilities, heart defects, etc.

-Low Testosterone

*The opioids have Purdue trade names and include:
-Hysingla ER®
-MS Contin®


If you think you may be eligible, please reach out today and we will begin working on your claim. We can schedule telephone or videoconferences during the month of May 2020 to work on your case and try to get you as much compensation as we can for your adversity and hardship. While we cannot undo the personal damage, our justice system provides an opportunity for the victims to receive compensation. 

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If you think you may be eligible based on this information please reach out immediately for us to set up time to help you.

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